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Interview: Sabina Chantouria

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest album, and what themes or stories you aimed to convey through your music?

My latest single Echoes is a song about time, memories and making the most of the time that we have. It’s also about missing someone you love that’s no longer with you, we all carry memories of someone dear to us that has left a huge impact in our lives.

Music often has the power to transport people to different places and times. Can you describe a moment in your life when a particular song or album had a profound impact on you?

Like A Prayer by Madonna, I remember watching the music video listening to the song for the first time when I was 12. It took me by such surprise, the lyrics, melodies and me going to a catholic school back then, it resonated with me in many ways. The beauty and controversy combined enticed me as the production and performance, it almost had a spiritual like meaning for me. It is special for me as it was the first song I ever sang out in the public in front of a big audience. It was a turning point for me, knowing there and then that being on stage performing was what I wanted to do.

Many artists have rituals or routines they follow before performing or recording. Do you have any unique or quirky pre-show or pre-recording rituals that you find help you get in the zone?

Yes, before shows I do affirmations and visualizations to get centered, a 20 min run to get the energy levels up and then some alone time to get in the zone, listening to music that makes me feel good and putting on make-up and visually getting ready.

Your lyrics often tell a story or convey a message. Can you share the story behind one of your songs and the inspiration that led to its creation?

Sure, for example Stranger, a song about how someone you used to be close to turns into a person that you can’t trust or recognize anymore. It’s about the paradox of having known someone, shared so much together that then becomes like a complete stranger. I was dealing with a lot of conflicting feelings and it got transformed into this song.

If you could curate a music festival with a lineup of your dream artists, who would be the headliners, and what would the theme of the festival be?

The headliners would be Abba, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Lana del Rey, Taylor Swift and it would be a pop/rock theme with legendary names, with a female fronted emphasis.

Music can be a powerful tool for advocacy and change. Are there any social or political causes that you’re passionate about, and how does your music play a role in promoting these issues?

I care very much for the underdog, and have always had a strong feeling for standing up for what’s right. My song Blood on Your Hands for example portrays how people always pay the highest price in war, in the cruel game of power. It’s about how time goes by, leaving open wounds and the longing to go back to a place that only lives in the memory. The song is influenced by my own experiences of the Russian-Georgian war in 2008, but it could be applied to any war in the world.

The music industry has evolved significantly with technology. How do you see artificial intelligence and emerging technologies impacting the creation and distribution of music in the future?

Yes, indeed. We live in an exciting time with new possibilities, in terms of distribution I think AI can be very efficient in connecting artists and listeners with each other, and a powerful tool for people to discover new music that match their taste.

Many recording artists evolve over time. How do you see your musical journey changing and growing in the next decade?

That’s an exciting question for sure. Well, I look forward to expand my music journey by creating and releasing more music, exciting collaborations and reaching new listeners around the globe.