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21-Year-Old Alt-Pop Sensation Karin Ann Unveils Single « She »

At 21, « Gen-Z’s new alt-pop protagonist » (Spindle Magazine) Karin Ann has amassed over 11 million streams in her career and she’s just getting started. The Slovakian pop sensation has a huge year ahead, and she’s kicking it off with the release of her new single « she, » a captivating journey into beauty, escape, and bliss. The lyrics depict a mysterious character who doesn’t care about others’ opinions, highlighting their commitment to authenticity in a world where personal identity matters more than external validation. The musical arrangement features an energetic fusion of guitar and rhythmic arpeggios, combined with gentle vocals, showcasing a versatile range reminiscent of a gothic disco-rock narrative a la Taylor Swift, infused with the stylistic elements of US Girls or the later period of Deerhunter.

so dance with me
let the walls spin
come on dance with me
while the music’s still playing

Watch the lyric video, creative directed by Kate Biel and animated & directed by Dessie Jackson

« I don’t dive deep into the details of my songs; I enjoy letting people discover their own meanings and relate them to their own lives. My struggle with insomnia often leads me to write during sleepless nights. One night, browsing through my phone notes, I stumbled upon a sentence that sparked inspiration. Most of my songs lean towards the sad or melancholic, but this particular lyric was different. I find it challenging to write happy songs, so it felt like creating this character allowed me the freedom to explore new territories with ‘she.' » – Karin Ann

Karin Ann’s music delves into themes of gender equality, mental health, and human rights, exploring the inner struggles of youth, including topics like young love, toxic relationships, and insecurities. She also touches on her experience growing up as a queer woman in Slovakia. Having already established a reputation in Europe, she is now venturing into the U.S. mainstream, aiming to cement herself as a prominent Gen Z icon for this generation. Scheduled to grace NYC Fashion Week in February 2024, she has some exciting plans in the pipeline for the rest of the year including a debut appearance at SXSW and a run of SoFar Sounds shows in select U.S cities this Spring.

Last fall, Karin Ann released two singles in collaboration with American director duo Tusk, accompanied by a two-part video series featuring Ashley Moore and Gus Kenworthy. Part 1, aligned with Karin Ann’s single « a stranger with my face, » while Part 2 was paired with her single « favorite star. » The music and visuals together trace a clear path, illustrating the struggle and progression of young queer individuals as they navigate self-discovery, acceptance, and sharing their identities with the world.

Karin Ann has made a mark in the alt-pop scene, with Noctis Mag describing her as having the unique ability to craft « a lyrically cinematic experience. » She draws inspiration from artists like Birdy, Billie Eilish, Hozier, and Mazzy Star since she started her musical journey at 14. Recognized as the « Discovery of the Year » at the Czech Republic Music Awards, Karin Ann has also been featured on a Times Square billboard as part of Spotify’s EQUAL Music Program and in 2021, she won Best Music Video at the Munich Music Awards. She has played shows with LP (Laura Pergolizzi), Imagine Dragons, Alfie Templeman, and My Chemical Romance, garnered support from BBC Radio 1 (UK) and has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Bild, and Elle. With a social reach of 180K+ followers, including Instagram, Spotify and YouTube, her influence continues to grow.