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Interview: Derwin Daniels

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest album?

Well, I am releasing an EP with several songs. The latest single that was released was written and produced by Felton Pilate. Felton is a founding member of the group Con Funk Shun and has produced several award winning artists like M.C. Hammer and Jesse James, to name a few. I was excited when I got the call to work on the song « Brighter Than This » with him.

Music often has the power to transport people to different places and times. Can you describe a moment in your life when a particular song or album had a profound impact on you?

I remember the moment I broke up with a girlfriend when I was much younger. I heard all those songs about breaking up and I realized that so many others had experienced that also. I started to listen to more lyrics then. I also relate to the music in the movies. If the movie Jaws didn’t have music we would just see a fish swimming. The single released on March 29 has the energy and power to be a mood changer to anyone having a bad day. It’s very uplifting and I am happy that JEG Multimedia Group is sharing it with the world.

Many artists have rituals or routines they follow before performing or recording. Do you have any unique or quirky pre-show or pre-recording rituals that you find help you get in the zone?

I don’t have anything specific, but I like to give the audience my best performance.

If you could curate a music festival with a lineup of your dream artists, who would be the headliners, and what would the theme of the festival be?

I am a big fan of Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago. The theme would be « Greatest Bands in the Land. » If you notice all these bands have killer horn sections.

Music can be a powerful tool for advocacy and change. Are there any social or political causes that you’re passionate about, and how does your music play a role in promoting these issues?

With different places in the world experiencing turmoil, I’d love to see music step in and provide peace and understanding for racism, sexism, homophobia and anything that marginalizes people.

The music industry has evolved significantly with technology. How do you see artificial intelligence and emerging technologies impacting the creation and distribution of music in the future?

I’ll say that studio drummers have taken a hit for a long time with the invention of the drum machine. Technology is making it easier for more people to create music. I think the original humans that can play instruments and spend time learning to do so will cut through to still create wondrous music.