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Choca Blues’ Debut Album ‘The Wind’ Takes You On A Genre-Defying Journey Through Blues

Released on the 21st of June, ‘The Wind’ is an astounding offering from Guatemala-based band Choca Blues. From the vibrant opening title track, ‘The Wind’ through to the country-inspired ballad ‘Old Man’ to the concluding anthem ‘Kabuki Dance’, Choca Blues showcase their unique flair for blues. Lead singer Delta Dina’s vocals soar over each of the diverse soundscapes, with a powerful performance prowess. Her vocals unite each of the soundworlds together, her incredible tone acting as a grounding force in the eclectic album. With the band members mixing in elements from rock realms and harpsichord country, Choca Blues boasts a sound like no other. And that’s what makes this album such an exciting release this year.

Band Members:
Delton Dina – Lead Singer
Carlos Funk – Guitar
Laura Charnaud – Bass
Whitney Petty – Drums & Mandolin
Zach Bluestown – Harmonica

Recorded at La Finca Studios in Panajachel, Guatemala
Produced by Whitney Petty
Engineered by Frank Wild
Mixed by Josh Evans
Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering, Seattle, WA

About Choca Blues
Welcome to the soul-stirring world of Choca Blues, where the essence of blues music intertwines with diverse influences drawn from our multinational backgrounds. Founded amidst the serene landscapes of San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, Choca Blues is a testament to the serendipitous power of musical connections.

Front and centre, the charismatic Delta Dina leads the ensemble, infusing her unique blend of blues with international experience. Alongside her, the talented Carlos Funk skillfully wields his ‘National Resonator Style O’ guitar, setting the stage for our harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. Complemented by ‘The Law’ on bass – Laura Charnaud, ‘The Wind’ – Whitney Petty on drums and mandolin, and Zach Bluestown on harmonica, our collective journey embodies the spirit of unwavering dedication and musical excellence.

Their compositions, born from Guatemala, the United States, and the Netherlands, weave a tapestry of diverse influences that transcend boundaries and genres. From their debut album ‘The Wind’ landing this year, and a second album on the horizon, Choca Blues invites you to join our musical voyage and be part of the magic.

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